Christmas gift guide 🎁

Christmas gift guide 🎁

Seasons greetings from People's History Museum!

Share the PHM spirit of democracy and solidarity with our Christmas gift guide, based on the ideas worth fighting for featured in our collection. We’ve chosen our favourite items from PHM shop to help make your Christmas shopping a bit easier. Our gift guide includes hand selected items, including some of our best sellers and brand new items available for a limited time only. All items featured are available in the museum shop and online. 

Suffragette decoration £12.99
Purple or red

Fly the colours of the suffragettes on your Christmas tree. Our suffragette decorations are handmade making each slightly different and unique.

 Purple suffragette decoration wearing sash reads 'Votes for Women' hanging on Christmas tree with fairy lights

Red suffragette decoration holding sign that reads 'Votes for Women' hanging on Christmas tree with fairy lights


Twelve Days of Christmas £7.99

'On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...'

Combining hand-picked patterns from the V&A's William Morris archive with brilliant new illustrations, this beautiful book brings the words of the classic Twelve Days of Christmas song to life. A gorgeous Christmas gift to be treasured by all fans of art. Suitable for ages 0-5.

The Twelve Days of Christmas by William Morris, illustrations by Liz Catchpole


Zero Waste Christmas £9.99

It's time to reclaim Christmas! This collection is all about using the things around you to bring festive cheer to your home. These crafty ideas will help you to create your own zero waste solutions for a sustainable Christmas for everything from Christmas tree decorations to advent calendars.

Zero Waste Christmas with handmade Christmas decorations


Manchester A3 Letters print £20.00

This print is taken from local makers The Sculpts signature design range. Each letter of the word Manchester is represented by one of their unique designs, illustrating the successful transformation of Manchester from the first great city of the industrial age into the prosperous post-industrial city of cutting edge technological development. 

A3 print which spells out 'Manchester' - each letter has it's own unique design representing Manchester's history and culture


Bibliophile Diverse Spines £13.99

It's time to diversify your reading list. This richly illustrated and inclusive collection uplifts the works of underrepresented authors. Using their keen knowledge and love for all things literary, authors Jamise Harper and Jane Mount collaborated to create an essential volume filled with treasures for every reader.

Bibliophile Diverse Spines by Jamise Harper and Jane Mount


Radical playing cards £11.00

Why not test your radical knowledge next time you have a game of cards with your friends? This radical playing cards set from our friends Radical Tea Towel features many radicals found in our galleries such as Tom Paine, George Orwell and Sylvia Pankhurst.

Radical Playing cards featuring radical figures from history, the card box is shown with examples of each suit | Image courtesy of Radical Tea Towel


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