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LGBT+ History Month 🏳️‍🌈

February is LGBT+ History Month! PHM shop stocks a variety of books and gifts on LGBT+ history and activism. Here's a selection of some highlights from our shop:
Pride: The Unlikely Story of the True Heroes of the Miners' Strike by Tim Tate with LGSM  Pits and Perverts: Lesbians & Gay Men Support the Miners 1984-1985 t-shirt

Pride: The Unlikely Story of the True Heroes of the Miners' Strike

At the height of the Miners' Strike in 1984, a group of lesbian and gay activists from London offered solidarity and struck up an alliance with a South Wales mining community. Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) befriended and helped to raise money for striking miners in Dulais.

This story was the subject of the 2014 film Pride which was researched using the LGSM archive, held here at People's History Museum. Written by author Tim Tate with LGSM, this book is a perfect companion to the film, telling the inspiring story of solidarity between two different communities.


Pits & Perverts t-shirt

In December 1984, LGSM organised a fundraiser at the Electric Ballroom in Camden for the striking miners of the South Wales community they had befriended. This t-shirt commemorates the event and is available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.


The Political Writings of Eva Gore-Booth, edited by Sonja Tiernan  Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Sally Nicholls


The Political Writings of Eva Gore-Booth

Eva Gore-Booth was an Irish poet, activist and suffragist. In 1896, whilst recovering from an illness in Italy, she met her partner Esther Roper. The following year she left her life in rural Ireland and moved into Roper's house in Manchester, where they worked together helping to organise working class women in Lancashire. Sonja Tiernan, Eva Gore-Booth's biographer, has argued that historians have previously tried to present Eva and Esther's relationship as friendship, and this erasure is probably why both Eva and Esther have been overlooked in the history of women's suffrage.

This book is a collection of her writings on women's suffrage and women's trade unionism, pacifism and the First World War, and Irish nationalism before independence. The biography of Eva Gore-Booth, An Image of Such Politics, is also available onsite in the PHM shop.


Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Through rallies and marches, in polite drawing rooms and freezing prison cells and the poverty-stricken slums of the East End, courageous young women are joining the fight for the vote.

May is fifteen, and already sworn to the cause of women's freedom, though she and her fellow Suffragists refuse violence. When she meets Nell, a girl who's grown up in hardship, she sees a kindred spirit. Together and in love, the two girls start to dream of a world where all kinds of women have their place.

But the fight for freedom will challenge these women more than they ever could believe. As war looms, just how much are they willing to sacrifice?

Suitable for ages 12+


The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice by Shon Faye  Unapologetic: A Black, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements by Charlene A. Carruthers


The Transgender Issue

In this powerful new book, Shon Faye reclaims the idea of the 'transgender issue' to uncover the reality of what it means to be trans in a transphobic society. The Transgender Issue is a landmark work that signals the beginning of a new, healthier conversation about trans life. It is a manifesto for change, and a call for justice and solidarity between all marginalized people and minorities. Trans liberation, as Faye sees it, goes to the root of what our society is and what it could be; it offers the possibility of a more just, free and joyful world for all of us.



Drawing on Black intellectual and grassroots organizing traditions, including the Haitian Revolution, the US civil rights movement, and LGBT+ rights and feminist movements, Unapologetic challenges all of us engaged in the social justice struggle to make the movement for Black liberation more radical, more queer, and more feminist. 

This book provides a vision for how social justice movements can become sharper and more effective, and provides a clear framework for activists committed to building transformative power, encouraging young people to see themselves as visionaries and leaders.


Outrageous! The Story of Section 28 and Britain's Battle for LGBT Education  Print depicts the Section 28 march in Manchester in 1988. It has figures in blue holding various protest signs and banners. 'Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Out Out Out!' is written in black text over the crowd reflecting their chant. The front banner reads 'Lesbian & Gay Rights - Human Rights' | Artwork copyright the artist Kate Charlesworth


In May 1988, Section 28 passed into law forbidding local authorities from teaching ‘the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship’. It would send shockwaves through British society, silencing gay pupils and teachers while galvanizing mass protests and the formation of the LGBT+ rights groups OutRage! and Stonewall.

Outrageous! tells the full story: the background to the Act, how the press fanned the flames and what politicians said during debates, how protestors fought back to bring about the repeal of the law in the 2000s, and its eventual legacy. Based on detailed research, interviews with key figures and personal recollection, it is an impassioned, warm, often moving account of unthinkable prejudice enshrined within law, and of the power of community to overcome it.


Never Going Underground print

    Never Going Underground was the slogan of the campaign against Section 28. In February 1988, around 25,000 gathered in Manchester's Albert Square to protest. This print commemorates the event, which was the UK's biggest demonstration for LGBT+ rights.

    Created by Kate Charlesworth, this limited edition print is inspired by artwork from her book Sensible Footwear: A Girl's Guide, a graphic novel exploring UK lesbian history since the 1950s.


    We have lots more books on LGBT+ history and activism onsite at PHM shop. Our usual opening hours are: Wednesday to Sunday, 10.00am - 4.00pm. Over half term (12-27 February), the museum and shop will be open 7 days a week. 

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    Check out our day of talks exploring and celebrating LGBT+ histories for OUTing the Past Festival on Sunday 13 February. Tickets available here

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